The commitment of SPA in gastroenterology is to offer therapeutic options, from the consolidated brand, for the treatment of the symptoms of diarrhea.

SPA also offers a dietary supplement based on probiotics and vitamins to promote the balance of intestinal flora, in case its composition is altered by diarrhea or other factors.

Diarrhea is the expression of an alteration of intestinal motility due to various causes such as diet, medication, infections, parasites and intestinal pathologies but also anxiety and stress.

Symptoms associated with diarrhea may include frequent and liquid stool, blood in the stool, abdominal cramps and pains, fever.

A possible consequence of diarrhea is the significant loss of water and salts that can lead to dehydration, a particularly dangerous condition especially in children and the elderly and which must therefore be treated promptly.

When diarrhea does not show signs of disappearing, after several days have passed since its onset, it is advisable to seek medical attention for the most appropriate therapy based on the cause or pathology that is at the origin.

Diarrhea can sometimes affect people travelling to countries where, due to poor sanitary conditions, it is possible to ingest contaminated water or food. This condition is known as traveller’s diarrhea.

To prevent diarrhea of the traveller it is important to pay attention to the intake of food and water during trips abroad, especially in countries at higher risk, avoiding drinking tap water, unpasteurised milk, use ice in drinks and eat raw or undercooked food.

When the cause of diarrhea is an infection, it is possible to reduce the risk of infection by maintaining high hygiene conditions such as thorough washing of hands with warm soapy water after going to the bathroom and before eating or preparing food, disinfection of the bathroom surfaces after using it and the use of towels, napkins, cutlery, glasses not shared with other family members.

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