SPA – Società Prodotti Antibiotici is in close contact with the scientific community and health professionals through a constant exchange of knowledge, for the benefit and protection of patients’ health, in compliance with the codes and regulations governing the pharmaceutical industry.

It is the intention of SPA – Società Prodotti Antibiotici to be recognized by all its stakeholders as a reliable company, able to promote and adopt transparent behaviour at all levels in compliance with the relevant provisions. For this reason SPA – Società Prodotti Antibiotici has adopted the principles of transparency dictated by Farmindustria and EFPIA – the European Federation of Industries and Pharmaceutical Associations – implementing them in a responsible and appropriate manner..

The publication of data on value transfer represents an opportunity to strengthen transparency in our relations with public and institutional bodies.

Below are details of economic transactions carried out since 2017 for the benefit of Health Care Professionals (HCO) and Health Organizations (HCP). The data shall be published by 30 June of each year for the previous year.

Methodological Note

In order to facilitate the understanding of the data, please note that:

  • The amounts are expressed in € (euros).
  • Amounts are net of VAT (Value Added Tax) and gross of withholding tax.
  • Amounts are expressed according to the accrual principle.

The subject of this publication is:

  • Research and development of new drugs, through clinical studies carried out in hospitals, universities and public and private health facilities;
  • Scientific advice.
  • Scientific seminars and conferences, providing information and updating to health professionals;
  • Support to congresses and Continuous Medical Education (CME) courses organized by Public Structures, Universities, Scientific Societies and CME accredited Providers;
  • Donations.
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