Since 1947, an Italian history of research and health.

We have a strong belief in research and look forward to the future with solid foundations from the past, providing effective drugs for the treatment and prevention of the most common pathologies.


From the first penicillin of 1947, an Italian story about health and research.

Code of Ethics and Organizational Model 231

Competence, professionalism and a deep ethic: our evergreen values.

High readability, high accessibility

Discover the new SPA typeface designed for dyslexics and visually impaired.

The Medical Device for hemorrhoidal pathology (hemorrhoids, anal regadi, proctitis and anal itching) based on high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, MSM and TT OIL.


Nutraceuticoche aids in improving the glycemic state and lipid profile of individuals who are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


Discover the new Dissen Flora®

The probiotic promotes the balance of intestinal flora with the two most studied and effective strains, with D and B Vitamins.


Scientific information

Our strength lies in a team of Pharmaceutical Representatives and Area Managers synergistically committed to spreading the knowledge of our drugs on the territory.


BIOSPA: Biotechnology for the benefit of the Italian scientific community.

BIOSPA, our diagnostic division, was founded in 1987 to support the marketing and sales of products based on avidin/streptavidin/biotin developed by the company laboratories.

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