From the SPA experience a new probiotic


The probiotic with the two most studied and effective strains, with D and B Vitamins

Dissen Flora® is a dietary supplement based on: S. boulardii (6 billion) and L. rhamnosus (6 billion)
probiotics that promote the balance of intestinal flora, helping to optimise the functionality of the intestine. 1

After oral intake, they resist gastric acidity, proteolytic activity of bile salts and the action of antibiotics, arriving alive and viable in the intestine.1

The combination of the two strains S. boulardii and L. rhamnosus GG allows a synergistic effect antipatogen and antitoxin that favours the restoration of the normal functionality of the intestinal microbiota both in adults and in children.2

S. boulardii and L. rhamnosus GG are among the probiotics most recommended probiotics by the prestigious World Gastroenterology Organisation in the main gastrointestinal disorders.3

Vitamin D contributes to the normal function of the immune system.1

B vitamins contribute to normal energy metabolism; normal function of the nervous and immune system function.

NO gluten
NO lactose
NO sugar


One orosoluble sachet per day

(is taken without the need for liquids and has a pleasant strawberry and lemon)

Available in pharmacy and drugstore.

Ask your GP or pharmacist.



Dissen Flora® rebalances the intestinal flora altered by various factors such as diarrhea, incorrect nutrition, antibiotic therapy, alcohol and stress.11

Also in children older than 3 years.

Also in the prevention and treatment of the symptoms of ‘traveller’s diarrhea’.

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