kits based on the method of sequence-specific primers (SSPs) produced by Dr. Olerup for the genomic typing of histocompatibility genes of class I and II

The kits are available in two versions: with Master Mix with Taq or without Taq polymerase which is interchangeable between the various kits available.
The primers are all pre-dispensed in lyophilized form for both low, medium and high resolution.
For each allelic group, the PCR plate is distinguished by a colour code that allows easier identification. In addition, each kit is characterized by internal controls with different molecular weights that make it unique and identifiable even after running the gel.
Panel complete with high-resolution kits for class I and II available as single kits for allelic variants of interest, with a greater number of primers than other kits currently on the market that allows the unique recognition of each allelic specificity.
High-resolution kits for rare alleles available in a small size.
Presence of kits for the discrimination of the most common null alleles.
The protocol of use is common to all kits with regard to PCR parameters.
The update of the new alleles, not yet included in the existing kit batches, takes place with the first batch produced after their publication.
A help to control the interpretation of the results is provided by the “SCORE” software, licensed for free use. The software is updated at least monthly for kits and quarterly for allelic variants (marsh allele).



kit for tissue typing with Real Time PCR method for genomic typing of histocompatibility genes of class I and II

The QTYPE kit enables speed and precision in HLA typing with low to intermediate resolution for samples that require a fast response time. The Real Time PCR QTYPE system consists of the HLA QTYPE typing kit and the SCORE 6 interpretation software.
They are composed of PCR trays with primers pre-dispensed in lyophilized form in the wells and Mastermix for PCR with Taq in ready aliquots for each plate of the kit.
Fast and precise HLA typing: the complete typing process is carried out in less than 60 minutes, whatever the tool used among the compatible ones:
Applied Biosystems QuantStudio™6/7 Flex, ViiA™ 7, Dx and Roche LightCycler® 480 II
Simple analysis: simply dispense the sample to be analysed into the 384 wells of the plate and start the Real Time PCR instrument. The file generated by the instrument is then analysed by the SCORE 6 software.
The TaqMan probes technology, allowing multiplexing in the various wells, increases the future expansion capacity with the possibility of adding probes for the detection of new alleles.
All alleles are covered at least twice with mix of different reactions.