Molecular biology

German company INVITEK that produces a wide range of products that meet the complex and demanding requests of the nucleic acid purification market

The kits, which provide purified nucleic acids immediately available for subsequent reactions, are available in the following formats:

from 10 – 25 – 50 – 100 – 250 reactions depending on the kits
Manual (vacuum and centrifuge) and adaptable to robotic stations (Tecan, Zymark, Beckman, PerkinElmer)

Technologies used and products available

Invisorb®ACNAE Technology

Invisorb® ACNAE (Anti Chaotropic Nucleic Acid Extraction) technology, patented by Invitek, is the first technology available that uses non-chaotropic salt conditions. Starting from complex biological samples, such as blood or tissues, this method allows the binding of nucleic acids, regardless of ionic strength, to different surfaces such as specifically modified silica, nylon, nitrocellulose, polypropylene or polysulfone. Selective binding of different nucleic acids can be realised in combination with the chosen modified surface. Following the multistep purification procedure (lysis, binding, washing, elution) a wide range of specific solutions are available for the extraction of DNA and RNA separately or simultaneously.

The Invisorb®ACNAE principle offers:

  • Easy execution and time savings
  • High yield and reproducible quality
  • Complete removal of contaminants and inhibitors
  • No extraction with organic solvents or precipitation
  • No DNase digestion in RNA preparations
  • No cross-contamination as the whole process is done in closed pipes


  • Binding under non-chaotropic conditions and independent of ionic strength
  • High bond selectivity
  • No toxic reagents
  • Purification from all materials containing nucleic acids, even difficult starting materials
  • Removal of contaminants and inhibitors
  • No DNAse (RNA extractions)

Invisorb kits are available for plasmid DNA extraction, agarose gel purification, PCR fragment purification, DNA extraction from animal and plant cells and tissues, RNA extraction from cells and tissues, simultaneous DNA and RNA extraction

MSB® Technology

MSB® (Minimal Salt Bridging) technology is the link between Invisorb® non-chaotropic technology and molecular sample preparation.


Extremely simple format, only 2 steps, binding and elution

Very fast, no sample washing and drying

The only viable alternative for HTS and ultra HTS applications

MSB® PCRapace

MSB PCRapace is the first product that uses the MSB principle to purify PCR products (80 bp-30 Kb) from nucleotides, primers, enzymes, mineral oil, other additives and salts in 3 minutes (manual purification) or 8-15 minutes (HTS kit on centrifuge, vacuum or robotic stations) without any washing and drying steps. The kit can also be used to concentrate PCR products from 300 µl initial volume to 10 µl final volume. The MSB PCRapace procedure includes only a binding and elution step and, being an evolution of Invisorb technology, does not use any chaotropic substances or buffers at high salt concentrations. The recovery rate, 75-95%, is independent of additives, initial reaction volume and fragment size. The elution volume can vary from 10 to 30 µl (manual version) or 30-80 µl (HTS kit on centrifuge, vacuum or robotic stations). The version for robotic stations can be used on all instruments of Tecan, Sciclone of Zymark, Biomek 2000 and FX of Beckman Coulter and Multiprobe II of PerkinElmer.

RTP® Technology

RTP® (Ready to Prep) technology combines the advantages of a pre-formulated lysis reagent mixture based on Invisorb® anti-chaotropic chemistry with pre-integrated extraction and/or quantification standards


Huge reduction in reaction steps and processing time

Preformulated Stabilization and Extraction Reagents

Large sample volumes (up to 5 ml)

Possibility of ad hoc preparations (extraction and/or specific quantification standards)

RTP® DNA/RNA Virus Kit

The RTP DNA/RNA Virus Mini kit is the ideal tool for the simultaneous isolation of nucleic acids from viruses to DNA and RNA in about 20 minutes starting from 200 µl of cell culture supernatant serum, urine, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid and other cell-free body fluids. The kit uses Invisorb technology without any chaotropic substances or buffers at high salt concentrations for the simultaneous isolation of viral nucleic acids. The use of pre-formulated lysis buffers and nucleic acid carriers attached to the tube minimizes purification steps and makes the system very simple. The preparation of carrier solutions for nucleic acids or proteinase K is no longer necessary and pipetting steps are minimized. In addition to the high purification efficiency of viral RNA and DNA at the same time, the kit has the highest possible sensitivity. The purified nucleic acids are ready to use and are free from proteins, nuclear or other impurities and can be stored at ñ20°C. The elution volume can range from 40 to 100 µl. The RTP DNA/RNA Virus Supersense kit has the same characteristics and allows the simultaneous purification of viral DNA and RNA from pooled samples (from at least 1 ml of serum).

PSP® Technology

PSP® (Preanalytical Sample Processing) technology combines the advantages of sample collection, stabilisation and storage during transport with targeted pre-lysis and extraction of highly pure nucleic acids based on InvisorbÆ anti-cancer chemistry


  • Reliable sample collection and storage
  • Nucleic acids stabilised inside clinical samples for example during transport
  • Certain preservation of microorganism titer

PSP® Spin Stool DNA Kit

The PSP Spin Stool DNA PLUS kit combines the collection, storage and stabilisation of fecal samples without any DNA degradation with the ability to isolate nucleic acids quickly (approx. 60 minutes) and effectively. The kit has been designed for the isolation of DNA from both pathogenic microorganisms and the host organism. The kit uses a new stabilising reagent that allows samples to be stored (approx. 1 gr) up to 3 days after harvesting without the need to cool them. A small aliquot of the sample is used for DNA extraction and the remainder can be stored at ñ20°C or used for further extractions. The special stabiliser combines the prelysis of the starting material with a very efficient binding of the genomic DNA to the column filter. Fecal samples contain many components that can degrade DNA and inhibit subsequent enzymatic reactions. The kit uses buffers optimised to efficiently remove all contaminants. The PSP Spin Stool DNA PLUS kit can be used for the detection of pathogenic microorganisms such as Helicobacter pylori, Mycobacterium paratuberculosis, Tropheryma whipplei, Salmonella typhimurium, Lawsona intracellularis, Chlamydiaceae or for the detection of mutations in tumor marker genes such as K-ras. The PSP Spin Stool DNA kit allows rapid purification of DNA from samples up to 200 – 300 mg without any special transport and storage system.