Cell biology

Since the founding of BioConcept in 1978, the company has focused on service and innovation.

Customer service and production operations are covered by an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system that also includes c-GMP guidelines to ensure that customers consistently receive the highest quality products.

Over the years, the production of cell culture media and specialties has been expanded and modernized. In a modern production facility with an ISO 5 (Class 100) cleanroom, BioConcept produces liquid and powdered media and cell culture supplements.




In 2015 BioConcept expanded its liquid media production site through the Liquid II project with a state-of-the-art automated bottling plant and a production site for WFI (Water for Injection) with a 5,000-liter batch capacity, distributed over a thousand square meters.

In the new powder media production site, the equipment can easily handle batches up to 800 kg in size.



In addition to these production facilities, BioConcept guarantees the high quality of products with internal quality control (QC). BioConcept performs tests for sterility, pH value, osmolarity, cell growth, endotoxin levels and conductivity. For powder formulations, the bacterial load is also tested. Further tests, if required, are entrusted to certified analytical laboratories.

The production of customer-recipe media and Animal Component Free (ACF) is the specialty of their business and one of their main strengths.


MAM-PF ® and “Express” media

The rapid and exciting expansion of cell biology to produce new proteins requires a new generation of cell culture media. MAM-PF® (Mammalian Artificial Media – Protein Free) media and the “Express” media line are tailor-made to meet the needs of researchers and producers. These media for the cultivation of CHO, BHK and Hybridoma cells are completely defined with serum-free, protein-free and ACF (Animal Component Free) versions. ACF supports are produced according to EMEA / 410/01 rev2. – all components are certified, through a certificate of origin for each individual component, without animal components (download PDF).


SF- Baculo Express Media

Further in-depth development and further investigations into the nutritional needs of insect cells, based on excellent experience of SF-1, led to the new and improved “Ready to Use” insect media. Already successfully used in several academic and industrial laboratories, SF-3 and SF-4 show the following improvements:

  • Protein-free: the addition of ultra-filtered protein hydrolysates with an 8 kd cut-off reduces downstream purification processes, especially for secreted recombinant proteins
  • Cell Density: Density up to 2 x 107 cells/ml can be achieved using SF-3 in bioreactors and rotating flasks
  • Versatility: not only suitable for SF9 and SF21 but also for High Five and Drosophila cells
  • Adaptation: only a few steps are required if passing through the current serum supplemented medium (e.g. TC100 or Grace’s).

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